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Posted On 06 Mar 2012
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Project Summary

We will publish a collection containing selected scanned pages (altogether around 100) of each of the Codexes held at the Albanian State Archives, together with additional information and explanations (another 100 pages) about the text and the art work. Through this publication, the first of its kind in Albania, we shall be able to promote the Word of God as well as its presence and heritage in Albania.

Target Audience

The target audience is the normal Albanian reader to whom this information on the Codexes and their content has been either vague or totally closed as no edition has been published until now in Albania containing scanned pages from the original Codexes, as well as information and explanations about their content.

Background & Audience Need

Codex Purpureus Beratinus designated by Φ or 043 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering), ε 17 (von Soden), is an uncial illuminated manuscript Gospel book written in Greek. Dated palaeographically to the 6th century, the manuscript is written in an uncial hand on purple vellum with silver ink. The codex is preserved at the Albanian National Archives (Nr. 1) in Tirana, Albania. The Codex Purpureus Beratinus was inscribed on the UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register in 2005 in recognition of its historical significance. The two Beratinus codices preserved in Albania are very important for the global community and the development of ancient biblical, liturgical and hagiographical literature and are part of the “seven purple codices”, which were written over a period of 13 centuries, i.e. from the sixth to the eighteenth centuries. The other five “purple codices” are in Italy (two), France (one), England (one), and Greece (one).

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