Project Summary

To provide an interconfessional translation of the Old Testament in Albanian, following the successful translation of the New Testament in 2007. This project is taking place with the full and authorized participation of all the churches: Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant, who are supporting our work to translate the whole Bible in a language that is understandable to today’s people and will give more opportunities to reach out to those without faith. The Bible Society realises that this project of translating the Old Testament will be a long one, but it is committed and it has the experience and the expertise to successfully finish it. The aim is to complete the project by the end of 2015 and work is progressing well thanks to our committed team of translators.

Target Audience

Churches, as well as non-religious people.

Background & Audience Need

It is in the heart of the Bible Society mission to make available the Word of God. The Bible Society in Albania has always pioneered in translating the scripture in a language that people understand. Because of 50 years of Communist regime in Albania the Bible was not allowed to be translated. After translating the New Testament, the next step was to translate the Old Testament. Albanians and the churches have requested the Bible Society to undertake this task. The Bible Society has gained very good experience during the New Testament translation project and it plans to use a similar translation team to continue with the Old Testament.