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Posted On 04 Jul 2013
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The Bible Society of Albania organized the event called the “Day of the Word” at the Catholic Cathedral of Saint Paul in Tirana. Believers from the three main denominations in Albania, Catholic, Orthodox and Protestants were gathered together in an event to read passages from the Bible. Each church was represented by three readers and some of them were professional actors. The most well known actress was Roza Anagnosti, one of the most important actors of all time in Albania.

The Bible readings were chosen from different books of the Holy Scriptures in order to speak about the salvation plan of God from the creation to the end of the World. The main theme was Jesus as the Word of God who saves the World. Bible readings were followed by short time of meditation with music on the background.
“My heart was filled with joy. It was one of the most amazing services… I am wordless because of The Word.” says pastor Genti, pastor of one of the bigest Pentecostal churches in Albania.

The Bible Society of Albania hopes to held this event each year in different church venues. For next year the Orthodox Church has offered to host this event on one of their venues. Please, pray for open doors on peoples heart to be part of this event and for wisdom on our part to organize it well.

Day of the word-2



(Young actor Erion Hinaj, part of protestant Church reading from the Genesis) 

Day of the word-1


(The group of readers)

Day of the word - Isli Islami


(Isli Islami, a well known journalist converted from Islam, reading from Psalms) 

Day of the word - Roza Anagnosti


(Famous actress, Roza Anagnosti, readingfrom the Gospelsof Luke the song of Mary)

Day of the word - group


(The whole group o readers from the Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant church)


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