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Posted On 06 Mar 2012
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Project Summary

To build a portable Bible Exhibition in order to serve as a catalyst for the churches to use in their evangelism and Bible advocacy activities. Especially targeting students age 12-20, who are mostly ‘ignorant’ about the Bible message. For them to hear about it and hopefully give serious thought to how it would apply to their lives. We plan to set up about 30 exhibitions during a year.

Target Audience

The exhibition will be travelling to 30 different places and or churches during year. Especially the youth groups of the churches as well as students from the high schools will be visiting the exhibition and living in an age where they have questions and are interested about spiritual matters the exhibition can help them answer some of these questions or further their interest in the Bible.

Background & Audience Need

Albania has a population of 3.5 million. The Christian population in Albania is 1.2 million.
The churches feel the need to introduce in inspired ways the message of the Bible to unbelievers they are trying to reach with the Gospel (Evangelism) as well as to emphasize the role of the Bible in society (Advocacy). The Bible Society has already developed good partnerships with the churches.
As well as the churches, the teachers who teach subjects on religion have asked the Bible Society to help them with introductions to the Bible. They have agreed that a Bible Exhibition would be the best way to do that.

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