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Posted On 06 Mar 2012
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This project is the epilogue of six years’ intensive preparation, translation, and editing work, and has been the main project of the Bible Society since its founding in 1996. After such effort, the publishing of a new interconfessional translation of the New Testament seems like a dream come true. It is the first Bible Society Albanian translation for 150 or so years, the first one having been produced by the British and Foreign Bible Society.
Because of 50 years of hard-line communist regime, and opposition towards religion in general and Christianity in particular, the Bible and the Christian values are very little part of the Albanian society today. So great was the persecution suffered by Christians and churches suffered that when the Bible Society started planning the NT translation it found out that there were no Albanians in the churches who knew biblical Greek and who could be undertake the translation project. The Bible Society duly set up a relevant training programme for three young (all of them under 30) but very capable Albanian theologians representing the Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant Churches.
The population of Albania is about 3.2 million, with the majority being nominal Muslims and about one million are Christians (Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants). This is a NT translation that has been very much needed by the Albanian people. It is a translation that has been prepared with reference to the needs of the modern reader, while remaining faithful to the original text. It has also been prepared with the official participation of all the Christian confessions, under the expertise and care of the Bible Society.

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