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Posted On 04 Jul 2013
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“Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ” (Saint Jerome, 347-420). With this phrase in mind, the church of Lezha, a city in north Albania, made it its mission to make possible that every family in the city and the surroundings has a Bible for the Lent-Easter time, so that Christ may not be just a myth but the person He has always been, the beloved Son of the Father, source of our salvation.


The diocese of Lezha is one of the five dioceses we have in Albania. So  when father Lorenzo Rossetti, rector of the missionary seminary of Lezha, knocked on the door of the Albanian Bible Society, looking for our support, we were more than happy to oblige and to present him with our vision for the Calling the Harvester project. Together with father Rossetti we came out with a text, ‘Gospel of Jesus’ which consisted in the gospel of Mark integrated with the speeches of Jesus contained in Matthew, with the stories of Jesus childhood and his parables contained in Luke and many selected parts from John. It is a text of 150 pages and is being published in 20 thousand copies so that every family by knowing the scripture might be able to know the architect of all that exists, Christ himself. Our support also included a found donation, which united with the money people themselves had collected in their churches and the discount and collaboration from a local publishing house made it possible that each family, despite their economic situation, which truth be said, sometimes is very hard, might have the greatest of treasures, Christ himself.


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A few days back I was talking with father Lorenzo, and he was telling me that the project was going great. The entire diocese is involved and this Easter was lived better than ever because better is getting the knowledge and consequently love for the ‘Lamb of God’ – cause and fulfillment of our feast.
Kristiana, from the cathedral parish:

I am very happy to share my joy with you. One day the cathedral group was called in a very special mission that consisted in distributing a book titled “The Gospel of Jesus” throughout the city. This book told about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. The book was offered to every family and although most of them accepted it, there was also refusal by some. This fact did not discourage us, on the opposite, after every refusal we tried to be more patient and more understanding. The act of distribution was participated by so many, especially youth, that in few days we knocked in every door of the city. It was an amazing experience not just for the city habitants but for us as well.

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